How to block BSNL Sim card online for both Prepaid & Postpaid?

How to block BSNL Sim card online for both Prepaid & Postpaid?
How to block BSNL Sim card online for both Prepaid & Postpaid?

A BSNL customer can get to block BSNL SIM card temporarily in two situations, i.e. SIM Lost and Stolen, in these two steps, the customer can easily deactivate in below mentioned ways to prevent unauthorized usage by others.

Block Your Bsnl Sim Via Call Customer Care

  • Dial BSNL Mobile Customer Care number if you’re mobile is lost-stolen, immediately block your BSNL SIM by calling customer care1503 (from BSNL phone)/18001801503(from other networks). And request the details to Block BSNL SIM card. Bsnl Customer care will ask you 6 identification if you tell 3 identification. Then they will block your Bsnl number within 15 minutes
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address details your
  • Last Recharge Amount & Date
  • 4 Last Digit of your id card which phone model (Exact Model Name)

If you confirm the same, by submitting the ID proofs of each then the executive of BSNL customer care will process the issue to the concerned team for the immediate blocking of the SIM and flow a request number to you.

Visit Nearest Bsnl Store

You can also visit the nearest authorized customer service Centre and submit a valid Proof of Identity /Proof of Address [Aadhar card]. So, that they can start to deactivate the SIM card and the team of BSNL immediately will place a request in their record to block the BSNL SIM card.

After registering the complaint to block BSNL SIM, it will block temporarily up to the activation of the new replacement card with the same number or up to the expiry of that mobile number. You can request both Prepaid and postpaid sim to get blocked.

Want to unblock BSNL SIM?

When a customer receives the replacement SIM, the BSNL SIM card will unblock automatically with the resumed services on the number, and if a consumer finds the SIM, then he may call BSNL customer care or nearest CSC for taking back the request to block the sim.

Are there any charges to block BSNL SIM card online?

There are no charges to block BSNL SIM card, and then you only need to pay SIM card replacement charges when activated.
Before blocking or from the next minute of blocking the BSNL SIM card, you can visit the nearest CSC for receiving the replacement SIM in place of blocked SIM.

What is the best BSNL SIM blocked solution?

If you realize your SIM lost/stolen, approach BSNL CSC directly to get another new SIM card, so you can obtain immediate access to your mobile number instead of blocking

Note: If you have any more questions about how to block Bsnl sim card online prepaid & postpaid. Then ask in below comment section. Our team will provide you more information asap.

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How to block BSNL Sim card online for both Prepaid & Postpaid?

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